Briefly in English

Mörka stigars ände* is a live action role-playing game (larp) organised by the Finno-Swedish role-playing association Eloria. The larp will be held on August 1-4, 2013 in the mid-western part of Finland. The exact location will be announced in late autumn 2012.

The genre of the larp is dark, mythical fantasy in a medieval setting. The story centres around a fellowship of men and women on a quest to find a missing nobleman, as well as a tribe of orcs roaming the vast wilderness where the expedition has headed.

The larp is open to both foreigners and non-Swedish speakers, as English and Nordic languages can easily be incorporated into the set-up. However, a rough understanding of Swedish is necessary since all textual information of the larp is produced in Swedish only. Danes and Norwegians (and obviously Swedes) are welcome and encouraged to use their native language during the larp.

The larp is written and produced by four seasoned game masters: Zacharias Holmberg, Sebastian Köhler, Victor Svarvars and Calle Tengman. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about participating in Mörka stigars ände. Please don't hesitate to contact us in any Nordic language or English.

* Literal translation: "At the end of dark paths".